Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Relax, have fun and Play.. er Learn

Relax Play and Learn is the new mantra.. at least in learning Rails and related web tools used for development.
Maybe its just me, but over the past few days, I am increasingly finding newer and diverse forms of learning web development, especially using advanced frameworks like rails.
Some of these are directed at learning inter-spread with videos that users can learn at their own pace like the rails for zombies and others that focus on user provided content created by users themselves. Then, there are language specific courses like .
When I started learning rails, how much I wish that I had access to similar resources as these are godsend for learners; they serve the dual purpose of ease in learning as well as enjoyment for beginners.
As I write this post, I am also casually looking at various websites like that offer much higher quality screen casts than especially for beginners.
What is surprising is that other technologies do not have this type of support, but web application development centered around rails, scripting languages and HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery combined are increasingly finding this support. One can only hope that this type of open and user friendly learning increases its umbrella and allows more technologies into its fold in the near future.

So If you are a beginner or are considering using rails, my humble advice to you is to bookmark these and start when you have some extra/free time.

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