Monday, March 14, 2016

Containerization by Docker

Docker is a tool that I am getting my hands dirty with these days and instead of going after an entire process of creating a VirtualBox VM and running some lightweight Linux installation, I can simply use Docker to have a command line that behaves just like its virtualized counterpart and for large variety of tasks, this is helpful in setting up the required environment for the code/application to be demonstrated over a single machine. Instead of going the Hypervisor route of owning/supporting the entire OS or having it in a separate VM, the approach here it to use the best of breed tools without getting adversely constricted by the existing host OS.

Now that we have a windows installer, this is even more within the reach of an average lazy developer. And for what's it is worth, the docker hub has become more user friendly than before, which is kind of an app store containing the different images (the OS along with the environment).

Off to races, then!