Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Open Source Summer Event

We, the members of Open Source University Meetup recently conducted an on campus event this summer on 5th of July. As always, it was a successful event with a large turnout and participation of students from different years and branches.
This was an altogether a different event as compared to the few previous ones. In this event, we held discussions on how to conduct our group in future and also decided on what next things that we as an open souce lobby in our college ought to be doing.
As the markets for open source softwares continue to mature, so is the increasing number of tools, frameworks and libraries which in short, propell this phenomenon even further.

We are going to have new students coming into our college very soon in the upcoming academic year and this presents an excellent opportunity for us to reiterate and rekindle our spirit of openness and sharing. Special thanks for this time go to Gaurav, Sushant, Raghuvendra, Lalit and others for assembling everyone and making this event a sucess.

Mainly, we held brainstorming sessions on the following areas :

  1. Cool Technologies that we can discuss in depth in future.
  2. Promoting various Oracle based software.
  3. Spreading the need of sharing and contributing in the IT industry.
  4. Trying out open source technologies and helping spread its awareness and adoption.
  5. Conducting events of varied themes and involving various activities- everyone in community can chip in. 

As always, by conducting these events, we continue to equipt ourselves better in the event management as well as improving upon the contents of our presentation and doing more than ever for the community.

See the event pics at my OSUM profile albums