Friday, February 24, 2012

Playing with Mvc3

I have known this framework since its launch of second iteration and did not try it as it never appealed to me to the extent that I switched from rails into it. But today, I decided  to give this revamped framework a go - since so much has been talked about this in the .net crowd, a customer at work preferred its usage over silverlight (on which we were displaying our appliciations till now).
Out of box, this framework does not appeals per se, but given the amount of documentation and the availability to plug-in only the desired element (an open ended approach) in the architecture, this seemed to me as a mixed bag - moving .net developers away from that design-oriented into a code-oriented (I have always considered Razor to be loosely based on velocity) programming, but still not supporting third party frameworks (unlike various jee/spring applications where we can mix and drop different components into different tiers).
Scaffolding was also missing surprisingly from this rails offshoot, but I enabled this through another extra tool .
Now that I am done with basic scaffolding and T4 templates, I am on my way to discover more about this framework and its highlights and limitations over this weekend.