Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: Play framework cookbook

I had recently a chance to review the book, 'Play Framework Cookbook' by Alexander Reelsen through Packt Publishing.
Born out of inefficiencies in the workflow of conventional Enterprise Java development, Play framework has arisen and although has not reached great heights like its inspiration, Rails but has made name for itself and in turn has inspired various automation and rapid application development tools in java.
Out of a cookbook, you'd expect some power packed stuff backed by easily repeatable examples. This book does the same, even though the exercises are not that inspiring or usable but this is largely a framework issue.
The book starts with installation and runs the user through a newly created application. Next, controllers and features like authentication and rendering are discussed followed by modules. Although the book does not exhaustively lists modules, but provides fair amounts of module usage - being a cookbook, it can contain only a certain amount of module recepies at a time.
A nice feature that I'd like to point is the inclusion of creation of new modules, something which I didn't see before on other cookbooks.
Finally, the book caps off with production/deployment related chapter which is also highly appreciated as the other stuff is already there on documentation and other texts.
As java web development is scattered, on few places, even while following the book, I felt lost and could not comprehend the flow of the program. Also if the code was provided on github, things could have been easier, but that's just me.
As the book author states, It is for people with development experience and a bit of play framework knowledge/comfortableness, the book indeed does justice to its name.
Disclaimer: I received the copy of the book for review via Packt Publishing, if you feel like browsing this, head over to

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