Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The year so far

The year that was 2009 for me has once again proved to be with ups and downs. Many of my dreams were fulfilled, but many more remain an unfinished business.
In studies, I am currently doing my masters in Computer Applications and needless to say, this year, I etched towards the goal of getting a full fledged degree in computers. In my actual software development world, I've started working upon my career as a freelance software developer and have started contributing in Open Source World in many ways (both as a developer and a helper as well as in promoting its philosophy).
Due to paucity of time, I am unsatisfied, and at times, frustrated with myself with the inability to learn technical stuff (its a big world out here and there is so much to learn). As 2009 eases into the pages of history, this time I wouldn't make any new year resolutions as the last year ones were never fulfilled(I am always cribbing about breaking such stuff).
As I write this, I am having my internal examinations this week and time is of essence, so I'll have to cut this crap shortly. Just after writing this, I am reflecting upon myself, what is going to happen in future, when I'll be having even lesser time for myself that currently is in my disposal ?
Wasted about 15 minutes on this rant ... stopping right NoW.