Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On why we fail at DevOps

Seeing that devops practice does not really seems to be taking off in my present workplace, I decided to decode the underpinnings of the concept and try to interpret what is perhaps not going in the desired direction and more importantly, what is required to be applied which will enable this transformation.
In different texts, I came across a common theme that covered DevOps in detail and each pointed out to The 3 principals underpinning the devops practice [http://itrevolution.com/the-three-ways-principles-underpinning-devops/]

Arguably, DevOps is about making that process of build/release transparent and automated to make this process smoother, but just like agile, it is more than just tools (ant/maven/, jenkins, sonar, docker,etc.) but is more of the discipline that needs to be imbibed. Few years back, most of the server side application developers used to treat UI like anathema but due to rise of Javascript as a first class language, one can not longer resist being a full stack developer. In somewhat a similar discipline, there is a need for developers to treat build configuration (gruntfile, dockerfile, etc) as a vital portion of codebase and likewise for system administrators, who also require repository access to check-in their changes.

In monolithic softwares like SAP Hybris, directly building docker images are a challenge at the moment as only the datahub, essentially a tomcat web application can easily be dockerized. But it remains to be seen whether we will have more microservice/YAAS based approach in the post 6.3 releases of Hybris.

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