Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review: Learning Python Testing by Daniel Arbuckle

This is a review of Learning Python Testing by Daniel Arbuckle which as its name suggests, delves into testing with python. The testing frameworks covered are already covered in comprehensive python texts but instead of only high level overview, this textbook covers various testing frameworks and approaches in detailed manner.
The first chapter covers various forms of testing - something which could be covered in few subtopics and test driven development could have been discussed in greater detail. It then moves into doctest, which is unique approach in python and was discussed in depth - I've only known it vaguely before and the provided details opened up a sea of possibilities for me. For instance, the AVL tree example provided an excellent demonstration of doctest and is worth quoting. The next chapter provided unit tests with doctest and correctly explained the essence of unit testing. The PID controller example however was confusing and it took me frequently eyeballing the code - the logic used was complicated and consequently the test cases were larger. Next, mock objects were detailed - which are not present in other python texts. unittest.mock library in python3 was explained in depth before covering the details of this module. In the next chapter, the Nose test runner was discussed and its various customizations were also explained.
Test Driven Development was introduced relatively late in the book after all the testing frameworks were covered and covered writing specification and tests before code. For someone new to TDD philosophy, this book offers excellent introduction and covers all its facets and challenging the reader to do more - which I found as a pleasant surprise. This was followed by integration and system testing doctrine. The final chapter covering importance of testing in code coverage, version control and continuous integration wrapped up this handy textbook sufficiently.

Apart from some places where I found the text opinionated with the example taken, I enjoyed the rest of the book and specially places where the reader is asked to get off reading and try things to test his/her knowledge of the topic.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book[http://bit.ly/1HKQaIj] for doing its review.

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