Saturday, April 23, 2011

PC Gaming on Linux

Many people consider Linux as a serious OS for computing, but there is a fun aspect to it that is not really known as there is no marketing done for these games. However, for a moderate gamer, linux platform is satisfying especially if you are looking for playing games for your amusement without going too heavy on your wallet. Linux has also improved on the UI front considerably as now we can have some seriously GPU intensive graphics through out of box programs like compiz.
Cool 3D Desktop with Compiz
Those looking for a quick solution can use that allows you to create and start gaming from the live CD/USB directly.

In addition to the point and click games(like card based games),  you can have some serious fun with 3D games that PC gamers have become familiar with. Be it a fast paced action game like AssaultCube or a racing game like TuxKart, there are options for everyone.
TuxKart  : Funny racing game
AssaultCube : Fast paced action, a la Quake3 style

Thanks to ID software's initiative of providing a linux binary(and their stand on DirectX framework), we can install and play a game like DOOM3 on Linux (which is definitively on my TODO list:)

There are certain caveats to this excercise too. Since my laptop has a Nvidia GeForce 8200MG card, I had to use a non open source binary driver as the cannonical one was not working well on Ubuntu. If you consider the freedom and the non presence of any cost/license, it forms a good overall personal entertainment package.

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