Monday, August 2, 2010

IBM Offers free System Z Mastery exam to students

The IBM System Z is a part of IBM's zEnterprise system, which combines mainframe, power and system x in a single system and as claimed by IBM, can save more than 50% in costs.
This includes z/OS, which is a widely used mainframe operating system.Today the mainframe plays a central role in the daily operations of most of the world's largest corporations. Even the advent of private and hybrid cloud has yet to impact the mainframe market significantly and as mainframes continue to evolve, the demand for professionals working on them rise.

Enough of the briefest of the introductions about this technology.
I wanted to share this information that IBM are conducting the System Z mastery exam for free (they are giving vouchers) to students by the end of this year (before 31st December 2010)
You can visit for more details.
The course materials are also included at the website.
These exams are important as they can serve as your career decider; mainframe administration is a field in itself.

Unlike configuring server systems targeted for smb s, this involves programming, monitoring, fault tolerance and scalability challenges.
Hope you have fun!

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