Saturday, April 17, 2010

My professional life as of now

Like the other years, this year too has been a hectic one for me so far and building upon my existing skills, I've tried to contuniously improve myself as a human being and as a professional. My policy so far has been 'Kaizen', which is the Japanese word that literally means continuous improvement.
So far, the greatest improvement that I've made in the first quarter of the current year has not on the programming languages or frameworks, or for that matter, any software development practice, but on allied fields. Currently, I am working upon solving business problems via alternative means like ERP, CRM and CMS softwares practically.
As I write this blog post, alternatively, I am reading an excellent e-book titled 'Cases on Strategic Information System' that has been given to my entire class of Computer Applications by our Management Information Systems teacher. This contains 24 insightful case studies on the subject and although I have gone through a handful of them, they are really ponderable problems.
Apart from this management hogwash, rest is business as usual. At the core of my heart, I still have misgivings about management as an ethical study and am satisfied that I resisted the temptation to take a managerial course after doing my bachelors.
At my college, the brand value of Sumit Bisht (yes, that's me) continues to rise. During the past month, I have successfully conducted a technical hands-on lab and gave various presentations in front of the entire department. Apart from this, I have frustratingly and agonizingly tried to learn programming for business intelligence and reporting and am making some headway there too. Hopefully, this strategic initiative yields me rich returns in future.
That said, the software developer in me has not taken a sabbathical and thanks to the Google Summer Of Code 2010, I am actively involved in open source software development and even if my proposal is rejected, I would carry on in these exciting projects. This is the first time for me in this event and quite frankly, I am impressed with the amount of attention this activity has generated. I checked into a lot of projects and finally selected a couple of projects which were doable in my opinion with ease. Thus, this summer is going to be as promising and engaging as the last one.
Ciao for now

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