Sunday, September 27, 2009

Born out of Boredom

Phew! What a day it was. First of all, it started off by giving my maths exam in college. It was regarding Optimization Techniques, a subject that I currently hate the most. Afterwards, me and my classmates spent more than a hour canvassing our juniors about our upcoming technical event (hope this does'nt goes in vain).
Currently, I am studing javafx, the newer approach for building GUIs in java platform. As mentioned in my earlier posts, i was initially skeptical about this technology. However, just by going through the first chapter of the Apress Pro javafx 1.2 platform, much of my fears have been allayed. Like other pro series, this book does'nt disappoints and covers nearly the entire breadth of the topic and tops off with two examples(rather intriguring, i'd say). I was also worried about the fast pace of this bleeding edge technology, but as release cycles are slow (6months to one year), it is quite an assurance for me. To start off with, I'll be doing GUI programming in java after nearly a three year hiatus because arcane topics like AWT are to be covered in my course this semester, so javafx ought to be refereshing for me. Also, my experience with GUI has never been exactly a satisfying one.
Me, the newbie in javafx, is currently playing around with this yet-another-scripting-language for the jvm and i'd say that its nicely done (expecially the intrgration with Netbeans).
More about this stuff later.

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