Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Heard!

In order to increase the traffic on your blogs, you need to market them. Apart from the word-of-mouth publicity, you'll need some technology to back yourself. This is akin to having a P.R. manager of your blog.
A ping (not to be confused with the ping command in operating systems that resolve a dns address) is basically a XML-RPC (xml Remote Procedure Call) that allows the destination server to register your blog and its new post. Since there is intense competition amongst these blog ping allowable servers, so you have to manually ping these servers separately.
Some of these are:
ping O matic

These are knowledge sharing websites and act as brokers of information between your blog and the general internet users.
To ping, you need a client. Stupidzombie is one such free software that runs on java and is quite easy to use.
Lastly, after pinging, you can expect increase in traffic/hits on your blog and thereby make you one step closer to being a professional blogger.

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