Monday, December 8, 2008

Incessent Needs

I've come across all sorts of souls but lately the 'Type A' people are increasing in overwhelming numbers. These types equate money and possessions with happiness, the result being, this thirst is never quenched.Morals, relationships, and other aspects of life that bring about satisfaction and happiness are alarmingly taking a back seat in our lives.
Such material needs lead to negative competition, or an ethically unhealthy atmosphere.
I remember my school days when the sun used to never set over our multi colored dreams.Friends were just friends back then and complexities of life never came in between.Now, even the closest of friends are perceived enemies ( atleast in professional sense).Money is most important commodity for us and we will proudly flaunt our possessions, positions, and status even after knowing that the other fellow would'nt give it a damn behind our backs.

Karma, yoga, and the like appear out of every nook and corner of our heritage-rich country but is alarmingly failing to curb this hydra of sorts for this generation.I am still in the dark,searching for that helping hand that will help me find a cornerstone in my life.What is the use of all these when our economic prosperity is leading us to an abyss of frustration, depression, terrorism and making the whole point meaningless?

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