Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It’s not that great Idea, Sirji!

This post is regarding the false nature of so called green IT revolution created by the media. To a large extent, adoption of technology has helped us save the pollution of earth, but are e-devices really giving us benefit that is promised against the regular ways. This Interview with Don Carli Executive Vice President of SustainCommWorld LLC, and Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Sustainable Communication addresses some of the false claims made by e-reader companies.
Although the penetration of such devices is not much in our country, it is just a matter of time before we see everyone preferring e-readers instead of books. Apart from e-readers, a large number of various smart devices today promise a cleaner environment, but if recycling them is the only way to achieve a true green way, then why cannot we improve the recycling of paper in the first place?
In the article mentioned above, one of the disturbing things was the increase in the energy requirements of data centers in an exponential manner. Again here too, various companies are quick to highlight their green data centers that reduce their energy requirements on non-renewable energy sources. But one wonders if there are these green data centers, then why is the energy requirement of these data centers still increasing.
Hence it is of importance to the media that they portray the right state of so called environment friendly products, and not false claims like a leading telecom provider of India that encourages mobile usage to save trees in its newly launched promotion campaign.

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